A Lumber Cartel nevű összeesküvés-elmélet 1997 novemberében a hírcsoportra küldött szövege:




Reason to Spam?

Possible Anti-Spam Conspiracy Uncovered


Hello Everyone,

A couple of you have asked why we are now bulk emailing when at one time we
did not allow it. This letter might explain it.

About two years ago our firm was hired by a fortune 500 company who wanted
to use the bulk email process to sell major software on the Internet. They
had planned for many man hours just the right campaign. Suddenly there was
all this stir going on about anti- spam and they wanted to know what
started it so they hired us to investigate. Almost two years later the
investigation still goes on and the results so far will surprise you. You
may be one who we have investigated but this email address is unknown to us
at this time as being in the investigation.

I am not at liberty to reveal names or sources or our client but the result
of our findings are going public very soon. We thought you should have the
ball first. The original anti-spammer was in truth a major spammer just one
day before two major lumber companies deposited a total of $275,000 into
his account. He instantly stopped spamming and began what is now the
biggest anti-spam ring on the Internet. We now know there are over 600
anti-spammers who are on the payroll of these two large lumber companies,
and the exact number we have found to date scares the hell out of me.
However, when we investigated the lumber companies we found that 17.5% of
all trees that are used for something and not just cut to clear ground, in
the world are used for paper products. Twenty percent of our nations trees
are cut to make paper and half of that is used for junk snail mail and most
are used in the snail mail process at one time or another. The Lumber
companies at that time were showing a 6% over all profit lose they claimed
was due to the Internet email. Bulk Email was now cutting into junk snail
mail profits by 11%. They believed that if left unchecked the bulk email
and email (which are in their plans to go after next) will cause them to
loose enough that it will no longer be profitable to cut for paper. They
are also facing new steel frame homes which may wipe them out. Ten thousand
acres are cut each hour. Can we grow it back at that rate? Not hardly. And
no one is even trying to regrow the rain forest in other countries like
Brazil or Africa. I short, we have all been taken by these lumber companies
who do not care if they destroy our world as long as they make a profit .
There are 666 paid anti-spammers on their payroll. Every time they cut and
clear rain forest they decrease the amount of rain which falls in the
forest and the rivers are all getting smaller. Drought is everywhere in
these countries. The ground is turned over as they clear the rain forest
and (the state of Washington is rain forest) and new viruses are discovered
all the time. Some of these viruses are not curable at this time and may
never be. Mother nature has a way of killing off something that does not
help her and we pretty well fit that category don't we. I don't know about
you but I am on her side.

I say let's move as much mail on to the net as we can and help our planet.
New technology has given us phone line compression which will let 10,000 to
4 times what we now can get on our phone lines and after all, how hard is
it to delete something in your email box? I get over 300 hundred
unsolicited email a day but I would rather have it under hand then have to
go out to the mail box and sort and then take the paper to the recycle bin.
How hard is it to replace our trees. I say if we are going to go after
spammers then let us go after the porno spammers and get rid of them. Then
target the individual who tries to sell the obvious scams. Let's try to
stop breaking the law by hacking into someone's personal equipment and
destroying it. Teach responsible bulk emailing. I have found that most bulk
emailers do not want to send out the people who do not want it. I have
found that those who don't care like CyberPromo CTE and just a few others,
also send out porno. So lets organize against the crooks and teach the
others how to do bulk right. It can be done right you know and there are
nearly 17 million on the net who like bulk email. I am one because I am an
investigator and we need to know the new technology and the new programs
and new software. Lets not forget that AOL hits you with an advertisement
as soon as you sign on. They know how powerful bulk email is. Let's use
bulk email to teach people the truth and not the half truths I see on some
web pages on anti-spam. The truth is much more powerful than lies or half



Updated November 12, 1997. cRussell Smith. All rights reserved. A service
of Consumer.Net. 

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