Egy tipikus Robert Solowaytől érkező spam 2005 áprilisából:


..we email your web site to 2,500,000 opt-in email addresses for

Please note that the above emailing is only free if you are a
non-profit organization that aids child abuse victims.

At our web site above, simply contact us by mail at the
address supplied on the web site with a brochure relating
to your non-profit organization for full details.

The primary purpose of this email is sent to gain attention
to non-profit organizations that aid child abuse victims looking
for immediate exposure via opt-in email advertising.  We make
no profit on this service.

Countless non-profit organizations worldwide have already
taken advantage of our no cost emailings and we look forward
to benefiting many more in the future for years to come.

if you have received this email in accident and are not a
non-profit organization interested in our non-commercial/non-profit
email notifications that benefit various world needs & causes:

Please immediately unsubscribe at:

You can contact us anytime at: PO Box 1259, Seattle, WA 98111

Our corporation has operated for over ten years and in this
time period have provided countless non-profit charities and
non-profit organizations in dire need of resources and financial
support.  Every month we donate a substational amount of our
resources to a variey of non-profit organizations and causes.

For the month of April, 2005, the owner of our corporation as well
as our corporation has donated to the following charities for the
following causes listed:

Adventist Development & Relief Agency International: Basic Education
Child Help USA: Treatment and Prevention of Child Abuse
Direct Relief International: Improve Health Care in Developing
Doctors Without Borders: Vaccinations for 50 People With Infections
Episcopal Relief and Development: Iraqi Conflict
International Medical Corps: Chad/Sudan Crisis
Mercy Corps: Child Survival
Operation USA: Asia Tsunami Relief Fund
Salvation Army Northwest Division: Food Security & Hunger
Washington State Red Cross Chapter: General Local Relief

Please note that this is a non-commercial email and thus is not to be
considered commercial email or restricted by government commercial
email regulations in regards to the commercial offering of any
service, or offer of any kind for sale, lease, trade or for any other
commercial nature of any kind.  Thank you.

All postings to are unconfirmed and
unverified unless stated otherwise by the moderators.  All opinions
expressed above are considered the opinions of the original poster,
not the moderators or their respective employers.

For a copy of the guidelines to this group, see: 

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