Egy lehetséges szövegváltozata a black money scam nevű csalásnak:

I am a lawyer in Belgium and I am charged with seeking the rightful heir
to certain assets which were deposited many years ago with a security company
here in Brussels by a man who died a few years ago. We have made extensive 
searches to find any living heirs, but without success. A man with your name is 
named in the Will and Testament as being the only beneficiary of these assets. 
We believe that you may be the person entitled and are writing to enquire if you 
have any dead relatives or friends who may have named you as a beneficiary of 
these assets in their will and testament. If so please let us have their names 
and any other information so we can check if you are indeed the beneficiary. The 
amount of the assets is $150'000, and one large trunk, contents unknown. Please 
reply soonest since the time period for claims is expiring in the next few weeks 
and any un-claimed assets will be forfeited to the government. If you are the 
beneficiary, we will make immediate arrangements to pay the funds to your bank 
and to ship the sealed trunk to your home.

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